From Your Home To Our Home Dog Boarding Kennels Based In Middle, Burnham on Sea, Somerset, covering the South West of England. The Welfare and Happiness of our Guest Dogs is an important to us as are the total needs of our resident dogs. Enjoy Your Holiday & Leave Your Loved One In Safe Hands ........... LICENCE M030371 .......... Awarded ***** 5 stars by Sedgemoor District Council

Questions and Answers including our

Terms and Conditions:-

Q.   Are you a registered and insured kennel?   Answer.  Yes, we are subject to County Council Regulations, Licensing and Insurance.

Q.   Does my dogs need vaccinations, worming or anything like that? Answer.  Yes we need to see and retain evidence of up to date vaccinations, for the duration of your pets stay with us, ie vaccination record, this can obtained from your vet.

Q.   How long can my pet stay with you?   Answer.   The stay can be tailored to suit your holiday period, however there is a minimum stay/charge of 2 Days.

Q.   Will you take incontinent dogs?   Answer.   Sorry we cannot take dogs who cannot control their own bowel movements, however if a condition is controlled successfully with medication we will consider it?

Q.   Will you give my dog its medication?   Answer.   Yes, administering prescribed medication at the specified times is not usually a problem.

Q.   Will you take a bitch in season?   Answer.   Sorry, no, however if it looks as if your bitch will be coming into season right on your holiday, consult your vet they may be able to help.

Q.   Will you take puppies?   Answer.   Usually no, however if your puppy has been house trained and has basic commands we may give consideration.

Q.   Do you take uncastrated male dogs?   Answer.   No, not usually after 6 months of age, however sometimes circumstances will be considered.

Q.   Do we have a pay a deposit and is it refundable?   Answer.   Yes a deposit is required and depending on the length of notice of cancellation, pro-rata refunds are made, see our price rates.

Q.   When do I pay the balance, do I get a refund if I come back early from my holiday?   Answer.   The full balance is payable on arrival of your dog, no refunds are made for your early return.

Q.   Do you take boisterious dogs?  Answer.   No, the dog must be controllable and good natured.

Q    What will you do with aggressive dogs, or dogs that bite?   Answer.   We will not allow dogs to stay with us, or to intimidate other residents and carers, aggressive dogs will be kennelled out and charged to yourself the responsibility for an aggressive dog is the owners, not our kennel. Which also means that no refund with be given.

Q.   My dog chews furniture and fittings will you accept him?   Answer.  Your dog should not be bored here, we cannot take a destructive dog in our establishment.

Q.   We allow our dogs to sleep in our beds, will you do the same?  Answer.   No sorry will not allow the dogs in a carer's bed, all visiting dogs sleep indoors with others, they are not left alone.

Q.   Do you take the dogs on walks?   Answer.   The dogs are walked daily, moreover in this kennel they go on family outings and are treated as one of the family.

Q.   Will you groom my dog for me?   Answer.   At present we carry out normal day to day cleanliness duties for your dog, however we do have the access of a mobile, qualified, dog groomer, extra charges will be required for their services.

Q.   What if my pet becomes ill, will you take it to the vet?   Answer.  We will not check-in an apparently infected dog, but unforeseen things can happen.  On check-in we will take your dog's insurance and vet details.  If possible we will take your pet to its own vet, however the responsibility for veterinary expenses lay with yourselves.

Q.   My dog has specialised food needs, will you prepare its meals?   Answer.   If you cook fresh foods for your dog, you will have to supply your own foods in correct quanities before hand, owners usually freeze the proportions and we prepare accordingly.

Q.   Do we bring our own beds?   Answer.   Home from home means you can bring your dogs bedding if you think your pet would be happier, however we can supply the bed and bedding if required.

 Q.  What if I cannot pick up by the set times of the kennel?  Answer,  If you are likely to not be able to collect your dog by 10.00 am on the day of collection, we may have to charge you, possibly up to the cost of another day as we have limited spaces and late collections may prevent us from taking in another boarder as we cannot exceed our license! Thank you for your understanding.